Upcoming Events


Friday 24th til Sunday 26th April      8th Australiana Spectacular with Dave Preskitt, James Reid & Jaden Frigo

Monday 22nd June           Last Monday before winter break

Wednesday 24th June           Last Wednesday before winter break

Thursday 25th June          Last Thursday before winter break

Monday 10th August           First dance after winter break

Wednesday 12th August        First Wednesday after winter break

Thursday 13th August           First Thursday after winter break

Friday 21st til Sunday 23rd August         Weekend Special with Hunter Keller (USA) & Jaden Frigo

Friday 6th til Sunday 8th November     4th By the Sea Weekend featuring Stefan Sidholm (SWE) & Jaden Frigo

Friday 13th til Sunday 15th November     3rd PAC Weekend featuring Stefan Sidholm (SWE) & Jaden Frigo

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