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Jaden Frigo

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Jaden Frigo presented his first call in 2005 at age 8 and has been involved in club calling since 2009. He has been calling full time ever since leaving high school - one of few active full time callers in Australia.

Jaden launched the 'Australiana Dancers' in 2012 and has built it into one of the countries best known clubs - holding 4 club dances every week and proving to be one of the most popular places to dance in Victoria.

Jaden regularly organizes special weekends & one day events - having coordinated in excess of 30 specials in the last decade. Some of the countries most loved weekends (including the Australiana Spectacular, Australiana Getaway, Kilcunda Plus Weekend, By the Sea Weekend & PAC Weekend) have all been organized by Jaden. 

Jaden has been invited to call in the USA, England, New Zealand, 6 European countries & every state of Australia. He has called at every Australian National Convention since 2013 and at the US National in 2019. He regularly conducts calling tours both overseas and within Australia. Also well regarded for his caller training , Jaden has been on staff at caller schools/seminars around the world. 

Jaden calls and teaches all levels from Basic/Mainstream through to C1. He is best known for his interesting & creative choreography, great variety of music and an extremely entertaining & upbeat calling style. You know you are in for a great time with Jaden behind the mic. 

Jaden also cues & teaches round dancing - from easy level Phase IIs up to Ph IVs and Vs. Jaden's cueing is well regarded with a great variety of dances & rhythms, superb timing & delivery and an overall fun & upbeat style. 

Outside of calling & cueing, Jaden is a regular traveller (enjoying both holidays abroad and in stunning Australia,) an avid sports follower (mostly AFL, Cricket and Cycling,) a lover of good food & wine and always enjoys a good movie or tv series. 

Square Dance Caller (Basic/Mainstream through to C1) & Round Dance Cuer (Ph II-V)

Club Caller/Cuer for Australiana Dancers (2012-present)

Member of  Victorian Callers Association, Australian Callers Federation, CALLERLAB, 

Australian Round Dance Association and Square & Round Dance Association of NSW

Former Vice-President & Education Officer for Victorian Callers Association

Board Member & Former Assistant Education Officer for Australian Callers Federation

Convenor - 43rd New South Wales Square & Round Dance Convention

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